TAP Air Portugal has begun its new expansion efforts into the United States. The airline has just taken possession of some of the Airbus A330NEO jets and has put them right into use. The airline has also taken possession of its new Airbus A321LR jets.

The new A321LR aircraft has gone into service on June 1st and offers service between Newark and Porto. TAP Air Portugal also launched its first flight from Chicago to Lisbon using its new A330NEO jet. This is the first A330NEO to operate from Chicago O'Hare.

On June 10th, the airline will start operating a flight from San Francisco to Lisbon, and on the 16th, a new flight will begin between Washington Dulles and Lisbon. Both flights will use the A330NEO aircraft. All three of the new A330NEO flights are new flights for TAP Air Portugal.

The new flights have started at the same time that the airline is operating a fleet of 100 planes - a first for the 74-year-old carrier. It is anticipated that there will be additional increases to flights and destinations by TAP Air Portugal in the near future because it has 71 more new aircraft on order that are slated to be delivered through 2025. This includes 14 A321LR aircraft, 17 A321NEO's, 19 A320NEO's, and 21 A330NEO's.

The airline has not released any of its plans for future flights at this time. It has stated in the past that it is planning to expand to many additional U.S. destinations, but where and when remain a secret at the moment. It is also assumed that some of its new planes will replace several of the carrier's older Airbus jets.

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