Thailand's flagship carrier Thai Airways is struggling amidst fierce competition, and things may get even worse for the airline. In 2020, two new airlines are set to launch in Thailand. The two new low-cost airlines will be the first Thai-registered airlines to launch in the country since 2015.

Thai Summer Airways just attained its air operating license and is working to get its air operator certificate. Once this happens, the airline will be able to open for business. The airline wants to focus on routes between Thailand and China. Though it will also likely offer service to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India and Sri Lanka. Thai Summer Airways claims that it wants to offer a punctual, simple and secure travel experience to its customers.

Thai Eastar Jet has also received its air operating license and is in the process of obtaining its air operator certificate. To start, the airline will offer charter flights between Bangkok and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. However, in the future, the core of its business will be flights between South Korea and Thailand.

Exciting for the two new budget airlines, these developments spell more bad news for Thai Airways. Back in October, the airline's president admitted that the carrier was in bad shape and little was being done to improve the situation. With the introduction of two new, nimble airlines, Thai Airways is likely to feel even more pressure as competition gets stiffer.

The two budget airlines set to launch will be the first since Thailand was red-flagged in June of 2015 by the International Civil Aviation Authority. According to the International Civil Aviation Authority, Thailand failed to properly address 33 significant safety concerns. However, in October 2017, the red flag was lifted after the issues were resolved.

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