There's an important development to know about if a trip to Thailand is in your future. The idea of making travel insurance mandatory for all visitors to Thailand is being considered at the moment. It is expected that mandatory travel insurance will become effective by some point before the end of this year. Travelers entering Thailand would be required to pay for the coverage at immigration offices located inside airports.

Thailand is a hot spot for tourism. The country's popularity as a tourism destination is precisely why officials are eyeing new solutions for handling accidents that can occur. More than 38 million visitors entered Thailand in 2018. That number is expected to climb to 40 million by the end of 2019. Officials in Thailand began considering the idea of mandatory travel insurance for visitors following a deadly boat disaster that claimed the lives of 47 tourists from China last year. The funds that are collected for insurance will be set aside and used whenever payouts need to be made. The insurance would cover up to $32,700 in the event of death for up to 30 days per visit.

The proposal to introduce mandatory tourism insurance in Thailand needs to go to the Tourism and Sports Ministry before it can be sent to the country's cabinet. Thailand's Nakhon Nayok province is currently testing out its own insurance mandate. All tour operators in the region are being asked to provide insurance coverage for both tour guides and customers. More than 2 million people visited Nakorn Nayok in 2018. The province is famous for its outdoor attractions and opportunities for climbing, rafting, hiking and other potentially high-risk activities.

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