The Sheldon Chalet has opened in the heart of the Denali National Park and offers the ultimate Alaskan experience. Built on a 'nunatak', which translates into an exposed rock formation surrounded on all sides by a glacier, the chalet truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and embodies the true meaning of remote.

Located at 6,000 feet, the chalet can only accommodate 10 guests based on a two-per-room arrangement. It is totally disconnected from the world – there is no cell service or Internet signal available there. It is built for luxury and comfort, of course.

Surrounded on all sides by the glaciers in Denali National Park, guests have to fly into the chalet by helicopter or sometimes plane. Part of the accommodation price includes 'flight seeing' tours when guests arrive and leave the chalet. The price also includes food and drinks as well as access to the spa.

To ensure that guests receive a true Alaskan experience, all food and beverages are made from ingredients sourced locally. Guests can indulge in oysters, halibut, king crab and fresh salmon in addition to enjoying locally created craft beers. Everything is designed for the Alaskan experience.

For those who are very lucky, in the evening you can sit on the observation deck and soak up the visions of the Northern Lights. During the day, the observation deck is the perfect place to relax and take in the scenery of the area.

The price for the accommodations is $2,300 per person per night. It is a very exclusive chalet and privileged guests will find that it is worth every penny of the investment.

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