It's basically impossible to comfortably sleep on a plane, especially if you can't afford to fly in First Class or Business Class. However, Thomas Cook Airlines is doing something about that by offering the new Sleeper Seat, which transforms your row of three seats in the back of the plane into a bed.

If you are lucky enough to book a Sleeper Seat, you will board the plane and take off as per normal. Then, the airline's cabin crew will transform your row of seats, assemble the Sleeper Seat mattress and give you an amenity kit, pillow, head rest, blanket as well as a fitted sheet.

While only one person at a time can use the Sleeper Seat, you can swap with other people who are in your group, if you want, and with the seat belt extension, you will be able to sleep during most of the flight. The airline will not serve meals to those lying down, so if you desire food service, you must sit upright while eating.

Sleeper Seats will be available on long-haul flights starting on May 13. If you are planning to fly on Thomas Cook this summer, you can reserve one today. The airline states that it will be available on select long-haul flights on the airline's A330 aircraft.

To book a Sleeper Seat, choose the standard Economy Class fare option. The option is not available for Economy Light fares, nor is it available on flights to or from Cuba. Prices start at £200, one-way. The airline states that those who are 5 ft 11" or under will be most comfortable in the Sleeper Seats, though it doesn't restrict flyers who are taller from booking it.

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