Disneyland tickets will hit $200 for the first time. The price milestone was announced as part of Disneyland's release of a complicated new pricing structure for visitors on Tuesday. Let's try to make sense of what park visitors in Anaheim can expect to pay going forward.

It looks like Disneyland is going heavy with the dynamic pricing structure that's so popular among amusement parks, airlines and resort providers these days. One-day tickets to Disneyland will range from $104 to $209. The amount you'll be charged will depend on the popularity of the date you've chosen for your visit.

Park passes are also seeing price increases under Disney's new plan. The popular Select Pass will now cost 5 percent more. The Select Pass is currently the most affordable option for an annual pass available. The price is going from $399 to $419. The Premier Pass will be jumping in price from $1,949 to $2,199. The Premier Pass is currently the most expensive option for park visitors. Even the MaxPass option will cost more for park guests. You may already know that the MaxPass is a digital reservation system that allows visitors to skip ride lines. You can now expect to pay $15 instead of the previous $20 when purchasing this add-on option.

It might feel like you just heard news of price increases at Disneyland. That's not your imagination! The park actually increased rates just 13 months ago. However, it looks as though the popularity of the new Star Wars Land: Galaxy's Edge that's opened at the park since then is giving Disney a reason to think that visitors will pay whatever's necessary. One piece of good news to come from the whole ordeal is that parking costs will not increase. The daily parking rate at Disneyland will remain at $25.

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