It was announced last week that United Airlines would be streamlining its food offerings on most flights. Customers were quick to voice their dissatisfaction on social media right away. There were complaints regarding the fact that the airline would be ditching hearty lunches for lighter fare and doing away with some beverages. However, there was one minor detail that United never imagined would cause such an uproar. Frequent United passengers were outraged over the fact that the airline would no longer be offering tomato juice on flights.

What is the uproar regarding tomato juice on United flights all about? It turns out that many passengers have fallen in love with tomato juice as a healthy beverage option to enjoy while flying. Others enjoy its presence in mixed drinks. Many people on social media insisted that tomato juice simply tastes better in the air. It turns out that the devotion that airline travelers have to tomato juice isn't that odd at all. The environment inside an airplane's cabin can actually diminish a person's ability to smell and taste by as much as 30 percent. However, research shows that tomato juice is actually an exception. That means that tomato juice really is more enjoyable in the air than other beverage options.

United Airlines was quick to recognize its mistake. The airline announced via its Twitter feed just a few days later that it would not be getting rid of tomato juice on flights after all. That means that passengers can continue to enjoy tomato juice as a free beverage offering on future United flights.

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