Which large airport in North America is the best for customer experience? Look north of the border if you want a top-notch travel experience. Toronto Pearson International Airport was just awarded the top spot by Airports Council International's Airport Service Quality Awards in the category of customer experience. Toronto Pearson is Canada's largest airport. Its peak passenger total for a single day is 144,000. The airport serves around 40 million passengers per year.

The winners of Airports Council International's Airport Service Quality Awards are determined using surveys conducted via input from passengers on the days that they travel. Close to 650,000 surveys were administered at 376 airports across 90 countries in order to determine the best airports in the world.

What is it about Pearson that makes passengers so satisfied? The airport recently made several upgrades and improvements that are intended to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of passengers. The list includes the opening of 27 new food and retail spots. All 80 washrooms in Pearson's Terminal 3 were recently revitalized as well. Pearson has made an overall effort to improve the cleanliness of all of its terminals. New changing rooms were also introduced as part of the revitalization. State-of-the-art Mamava® nursing pods have also been introduced.

Pearson recently announced the introduction of therapy dogs to help passengers fight off stress during the travel process. There are even some enhanced entertainment options to enjoy while waiting between flights. In addition, the Wi-Fi speed at Pearson has been greatly increased. That is one detail that probably gained some bonus points among any business travelers surveyed by Airports Council International.

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