With everything from digital boarding passes, mobile check-in, to boat rentals through Uber, smartphone apps continue to offer travelers access to all manner of unique amenities and services. A new app developed specifically for airline customers offers the novelty of having food delivered straight to their departing gate.

Called Airport Sherpa, this app enables passengers to order meals from participating locations within the airport. It is available completely free-of-charge for smartphone users through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, although Android users have to wait a while more as only Apple users can try out the service at the moment.

Orders can be placed for pick-up or delivery directly to their departing gate, meaning travelers won't have to lose their spot in line or risk missing their flight completely just to squeeze in one last meal before taking off.

The app even allows travelers to schedule meals up to one week ahead of their departure. The app also tracks delays and gate changes, so customers are guaranteed to have their food delivery reach them.

While the app is free for all to download, the deliveries aren't without additional cost: Depending on the order, Airport Sherpa charges a service fee between roughly four to eight dollars. The service is now live at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. To save some money, you can use the code SHERPA for a $7 discount off your first order.

What about other airports in the United States? The app developers hope to add another 15 locations to the list by year end, though no official plan or specific airports have been revealed.

That said, Airport Sherpa is an interesting service and fills a niche need for busy travelers with tight itineraries. User response has been positive, with the app holding as high as a five-star rating in some places. Hopefully growth meets developer expectations, so more travelers can try out the app for themselves.

Adam Luehrs is a contributing writer at GET.com based in California. He likes traveling to new and exciting destinations, preferably on his credit card company's dime. When not on the road, Adam enjoys hiking around the mountains of San Diego, trying out new food and reading history books. Email: adam.luehrs@get.com.