The rapidly spreading COVID-19 is incredibly worrisome. As of time of writing, the United States has a total of 216,721 confirmed COVID-19 cases while the death toll has climbed, yet again. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University, the United States death toll is now standing at 5,137.

While more than 80 percent of Americans are now under stay-at-home orders from state and local authorities who are trying their best to curb the spread of the relentless virus, President Trump has made it clear that a national stay-at-home order isn't happening, at least for now. According to President Trump, some states ‘don't have much of a problem'.

However, everybody knows by now how quickly the coronavirus pandemic has been spreading around the country and worldwide despite authorities' pleas for people to abide by social distancing guidelines, to defer non-essential travel and more.

For those who don't already know, COVID-19 cases have been recorded in all states across the country - Wyoming remains the only US state to have zero COVID-19 death; this is accurate as of time of writing this article.

The hard truth is things happening on the ground are painting a grim picture. The New York Times has reported that while the federal government does indeed have a ventilator stockpile, thousands of them do not work. The federal government's emergency stockpile of protective medical supplies like masks, gowns and gloves is close to being emptied, too. It remains to be seen if the president will implement the Defense Production Act to have companies step up production of these dwindling medical resources.

In case you haven't heard, a group of around 70 students from the University of Texas at Austin blatantly ignored social distancing guidelines and headed to Mexico to celebrate spring break. According to the news report, 44 of these defiant college students have tested positive for COVID-19. The key takeaway from this highly irresponsible incident is that COVID-19 does not discriminate. Young, party-loving people can come down with the coronavirus, in some cases remain asymptomatic, and go on to spread the virus to others in the community unknowingly.

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