Las Vegas is being used as a test site for new screening technology by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). McCarran International Airport (LAS) has been equipped with a special space called the Innovation Checkpoint. The new space is the only one of its kind in the country. What are the odds that you'll be asked to pass through the Innovation Checkpoint the next time you fly out of McCarran? TSA officials are currently only testing this high-tech space with the help of United Airlines customers.

What happens once passengers step inside the Innovation Checkpoint? Passengers will notice that this designated area doesn't contain any printed signs. Digital signage is used to allow TSA agents to quickly update information related to wait times and security concerns.

Passengers will begin the screening process by presenting their passports to TSA agents. It isn't necessary to present a boarding pass when using the Innovation Checkpoint. Each passenger's identification is checked against a flight database to automatically provide itinerary-related information to agents.

Passengers using the Innovation Checkpoint must pass through body scanners before boarding their flights. However, the new technology that is being used actually allows passengers to pose with their arms at their sides. TSA agents inside the Innovation Checkpoint are using CT technology to screen baggage from a variety of angles.

The machines that are being tested in the Innovation Checkpoint offer a glimpse into what all airline passengers can eventually expect to encounter during the screening process. The TSA hasn't given a date for when new screening technology will be deployed on a widescale basis. However, it is likely that most screening areas will be fully updated with next-generation screening equipment within the next six to seven years.

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