The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is relaxing its liquids rule in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. The TSA will now allow passengers to bring along larger bottles of hand sanitizer than usual inside their carry-on bags. In addition, any sanitizing tissues and wipes that are individually wrapped in packs are also acceptable. Travelers should know that cans of disinfectant spray in checked or carry-on bags are still not permitted by the TSA. All liquids, gels and aerosols that do not fall under the category of hand sanitizer must still be less than 3.4 ounces to move forward through TSA checkpoints.

The TSA is also loosening requirements regarding identification due to the fact that some travelers may not be able to renew licenses that expired after March 1 of this year. Anyone with a driver's license that expired after March 1 may continue to use their existing license as identification at TSA checkpoints for now. Travelers who choose to wear masks inside the airport should be prepared for the fact that they may be asked to pull those masks down when going through TSA checkpoints. TSA officers will be asking this because they will need to match your face with the photo on your identification.

The TSA is also suggesting that passengers avoid placing items like wallets, keys and phones inside security bins during the screening process. The bins used during screening may be utilized by hundreds of passengers in an hour. The TSA recommends that high-touch items should instead be placed inside personal and carry-on items to be screened by X-ray. You can learn more about updated and altered screening procedures on the TSA's coronavirus portal.

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