Now that the transition is complete, Turkish Airlines has announced the carrier is opening five new airport lounges in the new Istanbul Airport. Three of the lounges have already opened, and the last two are set to open this summer.

The five new lounges include the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Lounge, Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge, Arrival Lounge, and the Exclusive Lounge. At this time, the Business Lounge, Miles and Smiles Lounge and the Domestic Lounge are open at the airport.

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge is massive and can accommodate 765 passengers at any given time. The lounge has a museum, a library, a prayer hall, conference rooms and 13 private shower suites. In addition to Turkish and international cuisine, the lounge offers exceptional seating and relaxation areas, too. There is a huge children's play area, as well as a console gaming experience.

The Miles and Smiles Lounge can accommodate 765 guests as well. This lounge has extensive spaces to rest and guests get to enjoy an extensive menu of local cuisine, conduct business, enjoy the cinema, read in the library and shower in private suites. There is also a video gaming area that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.

The Domestic Lounge has a private entrance outside of the terminal. Passengers can complete the check-in process, sit and enjoy local cuisine, work, enjoy the playground and entertainment available and then take a bus transfer right to their flight.

The last two lounges will be ready to welcome guests sometime this summer. However, the airline has not released any information about these lounges at this time.

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