Travelers getting from New York to St. Kitts are about to have more options than ever before! Both American Airlines and Delta Air Lines will expand service to St. Kitts from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) beginning in May of 2020. This is interesting news because airlines have traditionally slowed down service to St. Kitts during the summer season. In fact, most airlines take a May hiatus for flights to St. Kitts. It is thought that St. Kitts will experience a boost in year-round arrivals if the new routes prove to be successful.

What do we know so far about the new routes to St. Kitts from both American and Delta? American plans to add new flights beginning on May 2 of next year. Delta will also begin new flights to St. Kitts on May 2 of next year.

It appears that major carriers from the United States are responding to the St. Kitts Tourism Authority's attempt to boost the destination's profile as a year-round attraction. Tourism officials in St. Kitts have been working on initiatives to make the island an appealing holiday spot during the summer season. The island actually reached a new record for passenger arrivals in 2018.

American's new flights to St. Kitts out of JFK will come in addition to year-round direct flights on Saturdays out of Charlotte and twice-daily Wednesday-through-Sunday flights out of Miami. Delta currently operates year-round Saturday flights to St. Kitts out of Atlanta.

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