Uber can fly you over the Big Apple and help you to skip traffic. The ride-sharing company just launched a new helicopter service between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Lower Manhattan. The service is set to start on July 9.

Customers who take advantage of this cutting-edge option will take an eight-minute journey from the airport to the city. A car trip covering the same distance could take more than an hour on an average day. Prices per journey will range somewhere between $200 and $225 per passenger. As usual, dynamic pricing will be applied.

Uber's new helicopter service covers a route that many travelers and New Yorkers take on a daily basis. The service includes both a helicopter ride and a private car ride to or from the terminal. Riders will be restricted when it comes to what they can take along when using air service from Uber. Only one carry-on bag and one personal bag per passenger will be accepted when boarding. The carry-on bag has a 40 pounds weight limit.

You'll need to have membership in one of Uber's two top-tier loyalty levels in order to be eligible to take a helicopter ride from New York JFK. However, there's a good chance that the program could be expanded if it proves to be popular. There's even talk of expanding helicopter service to additional cities outside of New York.

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