You're out of luck if you were planning to hail a ride using Uber during an upcoming trip to Cancún. Uber's authorization to enter the market in Cancún again has been delayed. The ride-hailing company has been trying to get back in for close a year. However, the lack of regulation in the region regarding a ride-hailing company like Uber seems to be behind the delay.

Uber has been at odds with Mexican officials and local taxi companies since its arrival in Cancún. The company wasn't actually kicked out of Cancún. Uber exited the resort area in an effort to create good will for further negotiations. That didn't mean that Uber had much of a choice. There had been talks among local officials regarding new measures that would essentially make it impossible for Uber to operate in Cancún.

Uber originally entered the Cancún market back in September of 2016. More than 300,000 people used Uber to hail rides in and around Cancún before the company was suspended from operating in December of 2017. Uber was mostly used by tourists during its period of operation in Cancún. In fact, somewhere between 60 percent and 80 percent of all users were tourists.

Taxi drivers in Cancún obviously weren't happy about that fact. Taxi drivers are growing even angrier with Uber now that it has been announced that the ride-hailing company plans to resume operations with twice as many drivers. It has been announced that Uber plans to launch with 2,000 drivers once it is allowed to resume operations.

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