For many, a drink or two, or more, is the perfect little treat before getting on a long flight. Whether unwinding after a long work trip or gearing up for a vacation, drinking is a big part of British airport culture. However, things may change soon in the United Kingdom. Airports in the United Kingdom may stop offering 24-hour bar service. Last Thursday, the British government decided that it would look at airport licensing rules in Wales and England.

Budget airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet and have been complaining about the fact that drunk and disorderly passengers are boarding their planes and creating havoc. Outside of the airport, drinkers can usually only get a drink till about 1am, when most bars and pubs close. Furthermore, most licensed establishments in the UK can't sell alcohol before 10am. However, at airports, one can get a drink at any time of the day, and this is what has caused some problems.

Last year, Britain's Civil Aviation Authority received more than 400 reports related to disruptive passengers. Most of the complaints were related to drunken passengers. The amount of complaints went up sharply from 2013, when only 100 reports were received. With that being said, only a small percentage of passengers are disruptive; 280 million passengers used British airports last year.

Currently, the government is seeking public comments on the matter. Those who want a drink shouldn't fret too much. The government is only hoping to ban alcohol sales at airport bars between 4am and 8am.

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