The UK government is set to announce plans to require a 14-day mandatory quarantine for all people entering the UK to go into effect by the first of June. This quarantine will apply to anyone entering the UK from any are of the world except the Republic of Ireland. The new quarantine rules will apply to residents of the UK as well as visitors.

The proposed 14-day quarantine will require passengers arriving into the UK by plane to provide an address where they will stay self-isolated for the 14-day period. Violators of the quarantine rules will face a fine of £1,000 or deportation or both.

The government has not stated how long the proposed quarantine mandate will last, but many people anticipate that it will continue through at least September. Some even believe that the quarantine mandate may remain in effect through the end of the year.

Everything will depend on how the pandemic progresses as more countries begin to lift some of the restrictions that are currently in place in their countries. The UK government has stated that they do not want to begin lifting restrictions on its citizens only to have to reimpose these restrictions because the virus is being imported through visitors.

France has placed the same restrictions on people visiting their country as has Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Singapore. Many believe that this summer will be one of the quietest that Europe will experience because summer tourism will be minimal at best.

If you must fly abroad for business or pleasure, make sure you take into account the self-quarantine restrictions that could be imposed on all people entering that particular country when you're planning your trip to avoid being caught off guard.

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