Transatlantic travel has basically come to a standstill due to the coronavirus. Governments on both sides of the pond are reluctant to allow travelers in. Currently, UK nationals, along with all other Europeans, are not permitted to enter the United States. Americans can enter the UK but have to quarantine for 14 days. However, many countries around the world are considering launching travel bubbles. One such idea is to allow American and UK travelers to travel between the respective countries.

In some areas of the United States, the virus is under control, and things are slowly getting back to normal. This would make somewhere like New York a great place to start a travel bubble with the UK. Not only that, the world's most revenue-generating airline route happens to be New York-London.

With regional 'air bridges', travelers from relatively low-risk areas of the United States could fly to a different country and not be subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. While there are discussions on a very senior level, no concrete details have been released and no plans have been put into action. At least to start, a transatlantic air bridge would probably be for residents of New York City and London. It would also likely include surrounding areas where transmission rates are low.

Germany's main aviation industry group proposed a similar idea recently. The idea would be to link airports in the United States – Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City, with Munich and Frankfurt airports, along with other major European hubs. It would rely on COVID-19 testing, and travelers would need to present a negative COVID-19 test result no older than 48 hours prior to boarding the plane.

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