United's fleet is expanding again. The carrier has plans in the works to purchase 20 more dual-class Bombardier CRJ550 jets by next year. This specific model is an exciting choice for United. It is the first 50-seat regional jet with a First Class cabin to be added to United's fleet. However, the planes will technically be operated though a partnership with GoJet Airlines.

Guests can expect some nice surprises when they board United's CRJ550 jets in the future. The model is actually a variant of the popular Bombardier CRJ700 that some travelers may already know. The configuration within the jet allows for 10 seats in First Class, 20 Economy Plus seats and 20 Economy seats. These jets also feature several closets where guest can tuck away their carry-on bags. This small detail is significant because it means that passengers can actually skip the gate-checking process when bringing along carry-on bags. Another distinctive feature of the jet is a self-serve pantry that is available to First Class passengers.

The extra 20 Bombardier CRJ550 jets ordered by United Airlines are set to begin arriving at some point this summer. However, the full order will trickle in over the course of many months. The plan is for United to have a total of 74 CRJ550 jets in its fleet by the end of 2021. The addition of 50-seat jets makes it possible for United to reduce the overall number of CRJ700 aircraft it flies regularly. This opens up more potential to add Embraer 175 aircraft instead. United actually recently ordered a total of 20 new Embraer 175s that are due to arrive in December of 2020.

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