United Airlines is thrilled to announce the Chicago-based airline will soon add new nonstop service between four of its hubs in the United States and Tokyo's Haneda International Airport. This should spell good news for travelers looking to shuttle easily between the United States and Tokyo. As a matter of fact, Haneda International Airport is merely 15 minutes from downtown Tokyo.

The newly announced nonstop routes will link Tokyo's Haneda International Airport directly with United Airlines' hubs in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York/Newark and Los Angeles. The carrier couldn't be more pleased to provide more travelers with more convenient flight options as it expands its Japan network at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Subject to goverment approval, the flights will launch early next year beginning March 28.

United Airlines will also continue to offer its daily nonstop service between Tokyo Haneda and San Francisco. This just means United customers will get to fly direct to Tokyo Haneda from a total of five United hubs very soon. Tickets for these new Tokyo Haneda flights are already available for purchase.

The Chicago-Tokyo Haneda; Washington Dulles-Tokyo Haneda; and New York/Newark-Tokyo Haneda flights will be operated using United's Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The Los Angeles-Tokyo Haneda flights, on the other hand, will be operated using Boeing 787-10 aircraft. The existing San Francisco-Tokyo Haneda flights will be operated using the carrier's Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

And in case you were wondering, Tokyo's Narita International Airport will remain a hub for United even with the addition of the new routes to Tokyo Haneda. The airline has revealed it will continue to operate daily nonstop service between Tokyo Narita and Denver, Hnolulu, Guam, San Francisco, New York/Newark as well as Los Angeles. That said, keep in mind once end of March 2020 rolls around, United's Narita flights from Chicago and Washington D.C. will cease operation.

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.