Let the cookie wars begin! United Airlines has announced the carrier is replacing Biscoff cookies with Oreo Thins. The news is sure to spark impassioned debates among cookie fans around the world. Biscoff cookies are being replaced across all United and United Express flights. The news marks quite a change due to the fact that Biscoff cookies have been the default free snacks on United flights for many years.

Oreo Thins will be joining a roster that includes pretzels and the famous Dutch Stroopwafel when they make their United debut. The good news for Biscoff fans is that United is still in the process of trying out different snack options. There's even a chance that the airline could bring back Biscoff cookies if passengers voice disapproval over the change. This was exactly what happened when United tried to get rid of the Stroopwafel a while back.

People who count calories may feel okay about the big cookie shakeup at United. Oreo Thins boast a calorie count of 140 for four cookies. Biscoff cookies measure in at 120 calories for just two cookies.

Devoted Biscoff fans have until the end of the month to get their fill when flying with United. United cabins will become Oreo territory starting on March 1. However, airline travelers do have another way to get a Biscoff fix. Alaska Airlines will continue to serve Biscoff cookies on all flights before 10 a.m. Of course, you should know that major retailers like Walmart and Target sell Biscoff if you're wondering where to buy Biscoff cookies. You can even order your cookie stash directly from Biscoff on the Biscoff website if you can't find them for sale in your area.

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