United Airlines has released a cookbook for passengers, and anyone else, to enjoy. The new cookbook features delicious recipes that were created for passengers enjoying its Polaris Business Class seating.

Each recipe was created by a master chef and designed to highlight taste, texture and compatibility with other foods and drinks. These amazing recipes are only served to passengers flying Polaris and guests in the Polaris Lounges. The only way to enjoy these tastes without flying Polaris is to purchase the $30 cookbook.

United has stated that a portion of the proceeds of the cookbook will be donated of the Trotter Project. The Trotter Project is sponsored by United Airlines at this time and is a program that allows world-class chefs to work with aspiring chefs so that they can develop their talents in the culinary profession.

United works very closely with the Trotter Project and relies on this non-profit organization to help the airline develop its food offerings for the Polaris Class, premium transcontinental and international Economy seating menus.

United is not the first airline to come up with the cookbook idea. In 1987, Delta Air Lines released one called 'First Class Meals'. In 2006, 'Feel the Spirit, Savor the Fare' was released by Southwest Airlines as its official cookbook.

United has not stated how long the cookbook will be made available to the public. In the past, other airlines that have offered cookbooks only did so for a limited time period to ensure that the books remained exclusive.

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