Many people kicked off 2018 with resolutions to lose weight, save money and stay focused. It turns out that one major airline made some resolutions of its own when it came to trimming the fat in 2018. United Airlines recently announced plans to lighten the loads on its planes and move toward operations that are more efficient and friendly to the environment. The airline will release 30,000 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year and save millions of dollars if all goes according to plan.

One of the ways that United will lighten its load is quite surprising. The carrier just made the switch to printing its inflight magazine using a lighter paper. Each copy of the magazine will now be a full ounce lighter than it used to be. What does that add up to for United? The airline will now use 170,000 fewer gallons of fuel annually with help from lighter magazines. In addition, $290,000 will be slashed from the airline's annual fuel costs.

United isn't just cutting back when it comes to paper. United has also removed duty-free carts from international flights. This is bad news for you if you've enjoyed purchasing duty-free items during flights in the past. However, the fact that the removal of the carts will result in the airline saving 1.4 million gallons of fuel annually is good news for the environment. United will save $2.3 million annually just from the removal of the carts.

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