United Airlines has announced that it will continue to add flights through the rest of the summer. In fact, we can bet on August to be an even bigger month than July for reintroducing flights that were canceled due to COVID-19. We already know that United intends to add close to 25,000 more new flights to its schedule for August.

United has plans to reinstate a total of 50 routes between July and August. We'll be seeing lots of increased connectivity in hubs in the middle portion of the country. That means that it's going to become much easier to fly in and out of places like Denver, Houston and Chicago in the weeks to come.

Of course, United is planning to take a very flexible approach to how and where it increases flight activity. The airline intends to adjust capacity based on where demand is increasing and decreasing in the weeks ahead. The airline has already confirmed that it saw a huge increase in demand going into the Fourth of July holiday.

United also has some big plans in the works for increasing international capacity. The airline is planning to resume flights to China for the first time in months on July 8. The first route to open back up is the one between San Francisco and Shanghai. We also have word that United intends to resume service to popular leisure spots like Cancún and Tahiti. United is one of the few airlines that has chosen not to limit capacity on flights.

The carrier has instead opted to alert customers when a plane is going to be full 24 hours before a flight is scheduled to depart. Customers who feel uncomfortable flying on full planes have the option to rebook or receive travel credits.

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