The United Arrivals Lounge at San Francisco (SFO) will close for the foreseeable future on Dec. 1. The word is that the doors will shut at 12 p.m. on Sunday. It looks like United is going to allow travelers to enter up until closing time. Of course, you should check before showing up. The most surprising part of the announcement is the fact that United hasn't announced a replacement for the lounge.

The United Arrivals Lounge is open to international United Polaris First and Business customers flying on direct long-haul flights arriving at SFO. United's official word on the closure is that the airline decided to close the lounge due to construction that is taking place at SFO. Of course, there is a chance that United was simply tired of covering the huge expense of keeping the facility running. It will be very telling if United decides against opening the lounge again once construction is finished at SFO. It is especially odd that United hasn't simply opened up a replacement lounge once you consider the fact that San Francisco is technically United's hub. Officials at SFO would have probably been more than happy to provide United with an alternative space.

Are people who frequented the United Arrivals Lounge in San Francisco simply out of luck now that the lounge will be closing its doors on Sunday? There is actually an alternative that can be used. Travelers can visit the United Polaris Lounge if they are traveling from, to or through SFO with a same-day long-haul international Polaris ticket.

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