United Airlines has decided to expand its international flight schedule starting in July. The airline has experienced a significant decline in international travel since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Industrywide, international travel has deceased over 85 percent.

Starting in July, United will add several international destinations from all its major hubs.


In addition to its current daily flights to Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt, and three-times-weekly flights to Paris, United Will add flights to Dublin, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Aruba, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, and Nassau. Flights to Delhi will also resume, if approved.

Washington Dulles

United has been maintaining flights to Frankfurt from Washington Dulles during the slowdown. In July, the airline will add daily flights to London, Brussels and Zurich. A three-times-weekly flight to Munich will also resume.


The carrier has maintained several flights from Houston to Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. Many of the flights will increase to daily flights or twice-daily flights beginning in July.

New flights from Houston will include daily flights to Montego Bay, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Punta Cana, and Quito. United will offer twice-daily flights to Guatemala City, San Salvador, San Pedro Sula, Panama City, and Nassau. Five-times-weekly service will become available for Belize City and Liberia along with three-times-weekly service to Lima and Buenos Aires.


United's main hub will continue operating daily flights to London. The airline will add five-times-weekly flights from Chicago O'Hare to Tokyo Haneda.

San Francisco

United will continue operating daily flights from its San Francisco hub to Tokyo Narita and Sydney, as well as increase its Frankfurt service to daily service. Additionally, United will also add five-times-weekly flights to Singapore via Hong Kong. Three-times-weekly service will also begin for Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Delhi, if approved.

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