Last year, United Airlines was extremely pleased to announce that it would offer a non-stop flight connecting Los Angeles to Singapore. Now, less than one year later, United has announced that it will stop service to Singapore from Los Angeles. The airline stated that demand for the flight is not as high as the carrier had hoped, and that United would add a second daily flight to Singapore from San Francisco in the mornings beginning October 27 this year.

This will give United flyers more flight options to better cater to their schedules since the carrier will soon offer a morning departure from San Francisco and evening arrival to Singapore in addition to an evening departure from Singapore and evening arrival into San Francisco.

Many people think that a partial reason for the sudden change may be the fact that Singapore Airlines has announced that it is returning to Los Angeles International Airport after a short hiatus.

United stated that demand from the San Francisco area has been so strong, especially for a morning flight, that the carrier has chosen to move its resources from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This will give San Francisco 3 non-stop flights to Singapore daily. Two flights will be offered by United and one by Singapore Airlines.

Ultra-long haul flights like the one from Los Angeles can be very hard to keep profitable. Super strict weight requirements and the excessive amounts of fuel needed for the flight, combined with rising fuel costs make these flights hard to operate.

The last flight going from Los Angeles to Singapore will take place on October 25. The final flight for this route from Singapore to Los Angeles will take place on October 27. After these dates, United will only offer non-stop service to Singapore from San Francisco.

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