In what shouldn't be seen as a surprise move, United Airlines has decided to close all of its Polaris Lounges along with some United Clubs. This is in response to the coronavirus.

With effect from yesterday, guests are no longer able to visit any of United Airlines five Polaris Lounges. Polaris Lounges are premium lounges for international Business Class passengers who are traveling on long-haul routes. In the country, United has Polaris Lounge locations in Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles.

Also starting yesterday, United closed United Clubs at some airports. The airline closed at least one United Club at the following airports.

  • Chicago O'Hare
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Newark
  • San Francisco
  • Washington Dulles

While airlines have felt the pinch and made big changes, not all major carriers have shut down their lounges, though that could change any time with the COVID-19 situation evolving so rapidly.

Thus far, Delta hasn't announced any plans to shut lounges as of time of writing. On the other hand, American Airlines has just moved to make operational changes to its Admirals Club lounges and Flagship Lounges. Some lounges have closed temporarily while others now will remain open but with reduced hours. Cathay Pacific responded to the coronavirus threat quickly. The airline closed three Hong Kong lounges on February 17 and said that they will be closed indefinitely, until things get better.

Like with many things related to the coronavirus, things could, and probably will, change very quickly. You can keep track of which lounges are open and which are closed via the airline's website. Once things return to normal, United Airline will re-open its lounges and automatically extend all United Club memberships by a full 90 days.

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