Just recently, JetBlue announced that it would increase baggage fees along with other fees, while Alaska Airlines introduced higher fees related to flight changes in addition to charging more for exit-row seats. With higher fuel prices, this has become a reality for travelers regardless if they fly with full-service airlines or low-cost carriers. Due to rising fuel costs, United is now the latest airline to increase baggage fees.

On Friday, United increased the fee for checking one bag from $25 to $30. This is in line with JetBlue, which also increased the baggage fee from $25 to $30. United will charge $40 for a second checked bag within the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Central America and the Caribbean, while a second checked bag for flights to Canada will cost $50. A second checked bag to Mexico will set flyers back at $55, which is the same amount as before. The new charges went into effect last Friday.

With a 20 percent rise in the price of fuel, the trend for airlines has been to increase fees and cut back on services. Air Canada and WestJet also raised checked baggage fees to $30, while in Europe, Ryanair raised checked baggage fees. Although Southwest famously doesn't charge checked bags or change fees, the low-cost airline did raise early boarding fees on some flights.

United Airlines didn't make an official Twitter announcement nor did the airline offer a press release, so the change may be a surprise to some. The airline quietly noted that it changed some checked baggage policies on its website.

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