It's not typically easy to get excited over baggage fees. However, United Airlines is rolling out a program that can at least make bag fees easier to deal with when booking your flights. A new option that was introduced by United in August allows customers to pay for checked bags before arriving at the airport. In fact, passengers can pay their baggage fees at any point after tickets have been purchased. United is the first major airline to roll out this type of program.

What is the advantage to paying for your checked bags before you head to the airport? The thought behind United's new option is that customers will appreciate having one less thing to worry about during the hectic shuffle to the airport. Travelers can sometimes feel frustrated by the need to make separate payments.

You won't get a discount if you pay for bags ahead of time when flying with United Airlines. However, you will get to avoid the hassle of pulling out your credit card to pay for your bags when you're getting ready to board your flight.

United is assuring customers that they don't have to worry about being stuck with a bill for a bag that doesn't make the journey. Passengers will receive refunds if they decide to leave bags at home after payments have already been processed. The new program cannot be used for oversized, overweight bags or special items. Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant allow customers to pay for their bags when purchasing tickets.

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