The award for Best Business Class Lounge in the US by Skytrax has just been awarded. The Polaris Lounge at Chicago O'Hare Airport has received this prestigious designation for 2018. United Airlines has stated that the company is thrilled with the award because it is one chosen by millions of passengers around the world.

United Airlines has been very aggressive about transforming its international Business Class product. Part of that change was the creation of the Polaris Lounge. These lounges are designed to enhance the overall travel experience through a variety of sensory stimuli that increase relaxation and allow for better sleep during long-haul flights.

The Polaris Lounge has its own scent, the only lounge in the airline industry that can make that claim. It has a special curated music playlist that is designed for pleasure and relaxation, and the lounges are designed with customer comfort in mind.

Each Polaris Lounge has comfortable seating that comes with access to charge ports for personal devices. The dining experience offers a variety of local foods and specially curated comfort foods that are popular worldwide. The bar also offers a variety of hand crafted drinks that are sure to please.

Guests can relax in a private setting where they can nap on a bed with designer bedding and amenities. Private spa-like showers are available and they come with superior health and beauty products for guests to enjoy. Guests can even work if they desire at private workstations or while relaxing in any area of the lounge.

United is still in the process of rolling out its Polaris Business Class product. The airline has stated that at least one airplane will be released every 10 days between now and the end of 2020 with the new Polaris seating class on board. United believes that the way the carrier has transformed Business Class travel will send ripples through the entire airline industry.

United Polaris Business Class and United Polaris First Class passengers on long-haul international flights can access the Polaris Lounges. International First or Business Class passengers who are traveling on select long-haul international flights on a Star Alliance partner airline can enter the Polaris Lounges, too.

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