United Airlines has started using dynamic pricing for award flights from partner airlines. What do we know? The well-known Star Alliance award chart that was a staple of United's website has been pulled. However, no formal announcement that United would be retiring the chart was made.

Dynamic pricing is nothing new for United. The carrier implemented dynamic pricing for its own award flights back in November of 2019. However, the swap from a static award chart to dynamic pricing creates a big blind spot for travelers. There's really no way to know how United is valuing seats at any given point in time. That makes it difficult for customers to know if they're getting good deals when trading in points for seats.

It looks like United has just implemented dynamic pricing for its Star Alliance partners. There's no telling how much prices for specific seats could go up or down now that dynamic pricing for Star Alliance partners has become effective on United's website.

If anything, almost everything we know about dynamic pricing tells us that airlines, hotels and theme parks generally raise rates more frequently than they reduce rates once dynamic pricing kicks in.

Right now, most partner award flights from the US to Europe and Asia have become more expensive than flights operated by United.

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