United Airlines is testing a new boarding process at all of its gates at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The new system will reduce the number of lanes that the airline uses for boarding to two. Usually, the airline uses five boarding lanes.

United stated that they are implementing a five 'group' system for passengers to board their planes during this trial period. Group One will pass through Lane 1 and Group Two will pass through Lane 2. Then, the airline will call Groups Three, Four and Five in order and they will line up and pass through Lane Two when called. Groups One and Two can continue through Lane 1 throughout the boarding process.

United believes that this will allow passengers to board in a more orderly and timely manner. The airline is even going to try to let passengers board window seats first, then center then aisle. However, they have not stated if this part of the test is in effect at this time.

United tried a similar test last year at the Cleveland v airport. This is a second trial of this system. United has not stated if the Cleveland Hopkins test was a success.

Representatives for the airline shared that people were complaining about the boarding process. The airline hopes that this type of system will encourage people to only line up at the boarding area when their group is called. It should reduce confusion, overcrowding and wait times when boarding the planes. United has not indicated if it will continue to test this boarding system or if they will implement it throughout the U.S. after the test at LAX.

Pedro Pla is co-founder of GET.com. He has been around the globe several times and considers collecting air miles and points from credit cards to be a hobby, if not, an obsession. Email: p@get.com.