United Airlines is celebrating the approval of the Denver City Council for 24 more gates at Denver International Airport. Effective almost immediately, United will be granted 24 more gates at the airport, allowing it to expand its daily flights to 700 by the year 2025.

United has experienced significant growth at Denver over the last several years, with almost 500 daily flights taking place last year. The expansion that will take place at the airport over the next few years was something that United always wanted to be a part of.

The planned $1.5 billion expansion program at the Denver International Airport will also include expansions to the existing United Clubs as well as the construction of a new United Club on Concourse A.

United currently employs 7,000 people in Denver. The addition of 24 more gates will increase the employment numbers by another 1,000, which will help boost the local economy.

United has stated that in an effort to keep the growth steady at the Denver airport, it will increase both regional and international flights along with the addition of the new gates. The airline has already changed its seasonal flights to London to daily year-round service. It will also swap to using the larger Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on flights to London, Frankfurt and Tokyo beginning this June to accommodate more seats per flight.

At this time, United has not stated which routes will be added to its Denver roster. However, we do know that all chosen fights will enhance connectivity throughout the country as well as for international flights.

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