Universal Studios Orlando raised their ticket prices unexpectedly and without notice. The
theme park just changed their prices at the gate before opening for the day and then posted
their new pricing structure on their website. While theme park price increases are expected at
least once a year, Universal and Disney have been changing their ticket pricing and structures
several times a year for the last few years.

The new pricing structure is as follows:

Adult Tickets

  • 1 day 1 park "anytime" ticket $135
  • 1 day 1 park "regular" ticket $125
  • 2 day 1 park pass $225
  • 3 day 1 park pass $245
  • 4 day 1 park pass $255
  • 5 day 1 park pass $265

Adult Tickets for 2 Park Pass

  • 2 day pass $285
  • 3 day pass $305
  • 4 day pass $320
  • 5 day pass $335

Children's tickets have also increased between $1 and $10 dollars depending on the type of ticket purchased.

Universal is also running a special for tickets. If you purchase a two-day pass in
advance at the Universal Studios resort, either one or two park passes, you will get three free
days. These special passes, however, can only be used between 12 June and 20 December 2019 and all of July is blacked out.

Walt Disney World in Orlando recently raised their prices. The company is launching its new
Star Wars themed attractions this summer and is anticipating a high volume of visitors.
Universal Studios has not, however, announced any new attractions for this summer. Theme
park enthusiasts are anticipating Sea World to raise their prices as well since the other two
major parks have increased prices.

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