While overseas trips are going to be tough for the foreseeable future, Americans still have travel options. If you are from Florida and love Universal Orlando, you are in luck. If you buy a single-day two-park ticket to Universal Orlando Resort, you will be able to enter both the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida any day you want, all the way through December 24, 2020.

This is a great deal, and it's even better because there are no blackout dates. That means you can go for three-day weekends and even during the Thanksgiving holiday. Another huge benefit of the offer is that you don't have to hurry. The offer is valid as long as you purchase your ticket by September 30. However, tickets can't be purchased at the front gate; they must be purchased online.

A one-day ticket costs $164 plus tax, so this is a fantastic deal for Florida residents who can easily get to the park. A child's ticket costs $159 plus tax. The deal gets better. If you spend $29 more, you can upgrade your ticket to include Universal's Volcano Bay water theme park. That means by spending an extra $29, you will enjoy unlimited access to all three of Universal Orlando's theme parks.

Florida residents can take advantage of another offer and save even more money. At Universal's Endless Summer Resort Surfside Inn and Suites, residents of Florida can pay just $79, plus tax for a standard family room and $99, plus tax, for a family suite. Florida residents can also enjoy discounts at other Universal Orlando hotels.

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