The border between Canada and the United States is being closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The decision was made as part of a joint agreement between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The move means that the longest international border in the world is now officially closed to all non-essential traffic.

The border closure is only intended to stop tourism traffic. It has been announced that travel across the border for trade and workers involved in essential work will still be permitted. Both President Trump and Prime Minster Trudeau acknowledged the importance of collaboration between the United States and Canada when announcing the border closure. Preserving supply chains will remain a priority throughout the temporary closure period. The transport of things like fuel, food and medicines will not be throttled by the measure. In addition, it has been promised that trucking will not be affected.

Nearly 200,000 people cross the border between the United States and Canada on an average day. More than $2 billion in goods and services also cross the border between the two nations each day. What's more, Canada relies on the United States for roughly 75 percent of its exports.

No timeline has been given for when citizens of both countries can expect the border to be opened again. It is likely that the border between the United States and Canada will be reopened before other travel restrictions are eased. Both the United States and Canada consider the border to be a lifeline in terms of economic activity. This is one of the reasons why both Trump and Trudeau held out until Wednesday to agree to close the border. Prior to this move, Canada barred entry to non-citizens, with exemption for permanent residents and Americans.

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