The U.S. State Department has issued an official statement suspending all commercial and cargo flights between the United States and Venezuela. The move comes as political unrest continues to escalate in the South American country. The State Department, through Homeland Security, made the cancellations of all flights effective from the 15th of May.

This announcement is a little behind, however, because all major American airlines have already stopped offering commercial flights to Venezuela. American Airlines was the last major carrier to stop offering flights, and that occurred in March.

The State Department also recommends that all American citizens currently in Venezuela find a way home by any means possible. Many people are crossing the borders to fly out of different countries where possible.

The airlines have all stated that they are only temporarily suspending flights to Venezuela and will resume their flights when it is deemed safe. However, now that this new edict has been passed down from the State Department, airlines may need to wait until it is cleared by the government to fly there again. At this time, the suspension is indefinite.

The current government is being challenged by an opposition party. There is much unrest in the Venezuela, and the State Department feels that the safety and security of passengers on an airplane are at an elevated risk. To prevent any tragedies from occurring, the U.S. government would prefer that no one enters the country by plane for the foreseeable future. The State Department has not issued any additional travel warnings regarding Venezuela at this time.

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