Venice will begin charging visitors an entry fee every time they step foot in the city full of waterways and canals. You won't be able to dodge this tax by simply slipping on a Venetian carnival mask and blending in. However, only day visitors will be charged. Long-term visitors staying at hotels in the city won't face the fee. Overnight visitors already pay a stay tax for each night they stay in the city. About 30 million people visit Venice every year.

Italy is allowing the local government in Venice to impose a new tourist fee as a way to combat the problem of overtourism. While overtourism is currently affecting many destinations in Italy, Venice is particularly vulnerable. That's because the city's infrastructure is particularity delicate due to its location on the sea. The cost of maintaining Venice's structures is extremely high. What's more, hit-and-run tourism creates overcrowding and environmental problems without delivering maximum revenue. It is believed the new tax will help to cover some of the costs Venetians have been on the hook for up until now and preserve Venice for future generations to come. Some of the revenue from the new tax will also be used to cover rising security costs.

People who call Venice home are applauding the government's decision to impose a new tax on day tourists. A new tourist tax in Venice will ideally allow Venetians to enjoy the city they call home without unnecessary disruptions from single-day visitors. How much can you expect to pay if you pop into Venice to visit its historic center for a day? Venice's mayor has revealed that fees will vary. You can expect to pay anywhere from €2.50 to €10. There will be exemptions for students, business travelers and regional residents.

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