Viking Cruises is well-known for its European river cruises. For many years, cruise enthusiasts have been anticipating the company launching American river cruises. Rejoice, the river cruise line is set to take travelers down the Mississippi River in 2022.

Viking has been very quiet about its plans to launch this cruise, but new information released has shown that the cruise line is constructing a new dock in Dubuque, Iowa, on the Mississippi. The city of Dubuque has entered into a 20-year agreement to share the cost of building the dock with Viking.

This news comes shortly after verification that Viking has been working with shipbuilders in Louisiana to have river-style cruise ships built. Any ship sailing within the country must be built in the United States and have a U.S.-based crew to comply with U.S. maritime laws. Viking entered into a contract with the shipbuilder in 2018.

While Viking is working hard to launch the Mississippi River cruise, detailed information about the ship, the cruise experience, or the exact timeline in which it will be launched are not made known to the public as of now.

As a surprise to many in the cruise industry, Viking also announced that it plans to create a cruise for the Great Lakes. This expansion would allow Viking to explore areas surrounding the Great Lakes, including remote areas like the Saint Lawrence Seaway, which connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. A timeline for the Great Lakes expansion has not been given at this time.

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