Alaska Airlines has announced that effective April 25, 2018, all Virgin America flights will become Alaska Airlines flights. This comes as one of the final steps of the merger between the two airlines which began in 2016.

Up until April 24, all flights scheduled on Virgin America will still be considered Virgin America flights. However, after that date, anyone seeking flights on Virgin America will be redirected to the Alaska Airlines website, and the flight will be considered Alaska flights. All previously purchased flights for Virgin America will still be honored.

Alaska Airlines has a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft which it operates exclusively for all its flights. Now, thanks to the merger, it will add a full fleet of Airbus A320 narrow body aircraft to its fleet. All jets in Virgin America's fleet are Airbus planes.

Alaska Airlines further indicated that the complete merger of the two airlines into one large entity should be complete by the end of the second quarter in 2018. This means that all flights will operate under the name of Alaska Airlines. Reward programs should also be changed over by that time. Currently, frequent flyer program members are earning points into one program from either airline.

This final step in the merger will make Alaska Airlines a very large company that offers a significant amount of destinations. The Seattle-based company has been growing aggressively over the last few years and is known for having one of the best miles reward programs in the industry.

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