Virgin America has flown its last official flight and is now officially Alaska Airlines. At least according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The last flight by Virgin America to go by code name 'Redwood' had flown and now all flights will simply adopt Alaska Airlines' call sign, Alaska.

Air traffic controllers often use code names for airlines as a way to distinguish them from other similarly named airlines. Virgin America was Redwood based on its Californian roots, while airlines like British Airways are referred to as Speedbird based on one of their previous logos. Changing the designation to Alaska is almost like changing a last name when two people marry; it unifies the two entities into one.

Now all Virgin America flights will be codenamed Alaska to signify the merger between the two companies. Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America over a year ago, and the merger has been gradually taking place. Eventually, they will just be one large airline operating under the name Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines has not converted all of the planes over to Alaska designations yet, nor have they shut down the Virgin America website. Passengers can still book flights on Virgin America until the merger is complete.

Alaska Airlines is still in the process of converting over personnel and blending the operations of the two airlines. They are taking the process at a slower pace to ensure that passengers will be satisfied with their new and much larger airline. At this time, there has not been a final date given for the completed merger.

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