Virgin Atlantic has announced that they have introduced a new luxury for passengers at London Heathrow Airport. From now until January 14, guests at its Heathrow Clubhouse can enjoy dining or drinks on the roof in a pop-up igloo.

The popular London restaurant chain Coppa Club has several of these clear igloos placed along the Thames River and advertises them as a unique dining experience. They are very popular and in high demand. The owners of Coppa Club have partnered with Virgin Atlantic to bring the igloo experience to the airport.

The igloos are large enough to comfortably seat 8 people. They are designed to offer 360 degree views, and are elegantly decorated. It is a wonderful experience and offers people a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of London without ever having to worry about the weather.

The airline has not stated if travelers need to make reservations for the igloo experience, but due to the popularity of the restaurant outside of the airport area, reservations would probably be necessary. The airline also has not indicated if it will keep the experience after January 14 if it proves to be very popular or if it is just going to be a one-time experience.

Virgin Atlantic prides itself on continuing to create unique and pleasurable experiences for its passengers. The airline has made clear that it will continue to seek out unusual experiences to "wow" their passengers in both the skies and at the airports. According to Virgin Atlantic, the igloo experience is just the first of many delights that they will offer in 2018.

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