Virgin Atlantic just announced the carrier will offer complimentary COVID-19 insurance coverage, to all passengers. According to the airline, it now offers the most comprehensive COVID-19 coverage among major airlines. The insurance is offered for both existing and new bookings, for travel from August 24, 2020 all the way until March 31, 2021. Those who are booking, and those who have booked with Virgin Atlantic, will be automatically given the insurance, without having to do anything.

The policy covers expenses up to £500,000 (about $655,000 USD) if a passenger or their travel companion gets coronavirus while on a trip. Another £3,000 (about $3,900 USD) is offered to travelers who are denied boarding or must quarantine on their trip due to them contracting the virus or suspected of having it.

Along with medical costs, other associated costs such as repatriation, accommodation and transport are also covered under the policy. A huge advantage of the policy is that it covers anyone who is flying on a partner carrier such as Delta Air Lines or Air France-KLM.

Not only is Virgin Atlantic now offering free COVID-19 insurance for all passengers, but the airline is also offering flexible fares - customers are able to change their travel date two times, without having to pay any rebooking fee. This is available all the way up to September 30, 2022.

By offering complimentary COVID-19 insurance, Virgin Atlantic is trying to coax people to fly again. However, it is not the only airline to offer coronavirus insurance, nor the first. Last month, Emirates announced the Dubai-based carrier was automatically offer free COVID-19 insurance coverage to all passengers.

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