Virgin Atlantic has announced that beginning on June 8, 2020, the carrier will no longer offer flights to St. Lucia, which is located in the eastern Caribbean. The cancellation of flights comes as part of several route changes being made by the airline.

Virgin Atlantic has been servicing St. Lucia for 21 years. The airline has stated that it will still service St. Lucia through partner airlines in the area from its other destinations. The airline has made it clear that it appreciates its partnership with St. Lucia and has not ruled out restarting flights there in the future.

The airline also announced the following changes that will take place starting on June 8, 2020: The airline will increase its flights to four times a week between Gatwick London and Antigua. This increase in flights has been made possible by cutting its St. Lucia route.

The frequency will remain the same for flights to Havana. However, these flights will depart from London Heathrow instead of Gatwick after June 8th. Virgin Atlantic's London Heathrow-Havana route will still be the only direct flight to Havana from the United Kingdom.

Virgin Atlantic also stated that there will be increased flights to North America after that date via connecting flights operated by its partner airline - Delta. However, these flights and their connecting flights have yet to be announced.

All current flights to St. Lucia will remain the same, and the airline will continue serving St. Lucia until June 7, 2020. Passengers who are already scheduled on any of these flights do not have to worry about any changes.

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