Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will begin offering a discounted fare known as Economy Lite. The new seating will become immediately available for the upcoming travel season. Economy Lite passengers, however, will lose many of the benefits associated with traveling in regular Economy Class.

This new seating option will now give Virgin Atlantic three seating classes for Economy. This is right in line with their venture partner Delta Air Lines and comes soon after another one of Delta's partners began offering three tiers of seating in Economy Class.

Virgin Atlantic will now offer Economy Lite, Economy Classic and Economy Delight. Economy Lite and Classic passengers will have 31 inches of pitch in their rows of seating. Economy Delight flyers receive a little more room at 34 inches. All Economy passengers will receive free meals and drinks, on-board entertainment options and a power source to charge their handheld device.

However, Economy Lite passengers will not be able to choose their seating and are not entitled to the one free bag policy. Economy Classic customers will have these amenities, and Economy Delight passengers will even receive priority boarding. All other amenities offered by Virgin Atlantic are generally saved for Business and First Class passengers.

Virgin Atlantic serves 11 cities in the United States from the United Kingdom. The airline works with Delta in a joint venture to help passengers get to their chosen destinations with ease once they have reached the United States. The joint venture also allows passengers of Virgin Atlantic to have access to other Delta partners.

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