Workers just broke ground on the first high-speed rail to ever come to Central Florida. Virgin Trains will be offering a route between Orlando and South Florida once construction is complete. The ambitious project will cost $2 billion. The latest rail leg from Virgin Trains will expand the existing train system in the state and link Central Florida with West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Travelers will have to wait a while before the new rail line serving Central Florida is ready to welcome passengers. Planners don't expect the rail line to be complete until some point in 2022. The new line is being seen by many as a win for both locals and tourists. It is designed to offer an alternative for people who would otherwise drive to Miami from other parts of Florida. The new option from Virgin Trains will offer a faster and more comfortable alternative to sitting in a car. What's more, the new option is both safer and better for the environment than a traditional car ride.

It's easy to see why taking a train through Florida may be a better option than driving for many travelers. However, you might be wondering if it actually costs less. Virgin Trains has not yet revealed what the price of a ticket for a train ride between Orlando and South Florida will be. It has been promised that a train ticket for the route will cost less than flying. It has also been stated that the ticket price will likely be lower than the cost of driving. The average price per person for a drive between Orlando and Miami is 80 cents per mile. Virgin Trains is saying that it can allow riders to cover the same distance for less than 35 cents per mile.

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