Virgin Voyages has announced the first of its unique features for the soon-to-be-launched cruise line. The maiden ship of the fleet will be equipped with a tattoo parlor. Named Squid Ink, the tattoo parlor will feature tattooing, body piercing and permanent make up treatment services.

The tattoo parlor will feature hand-picked artists by Lou Rubino Jr. Mr. Rubino is the visionary behind World Famous Tattoo Ink, Soho Ink and tattoo magazine, Freshly Inked. Squid Ink will also host guest celebrity artists on different cruises. A large selection of tattoos will be available, including specially designed tattoos that commemorate the cruise.

The first ship of the fleet will be named Scarlet Lady. Sir Richard Branson has already stated that he intends for the cruise line to be directed towards the adult crowd and would gear all amenities and entertainment to that demographic. The introduction of its first cruise ship featuring a tattoo parlor is proof that he will hold true to his words.

Tom McAlpin, the CEO and president of Virgin Voyages, has stated that tattooing is a time-honored practice associated with sailing and the seas. By offering a tattoo parlor onboard, the cruise line is able to carry on this tradition.

The new cruise line will start off with three ships in its fleet. The first of these ships is the Scarlet Lady and is due for completion in 2020. It will first sail to Havana, Cuba. The following two ships should debut one after another each year after the initial launch of Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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