Virgin Voyages has made it a point to set itself apart from every other cruise line. Starting with creating cruises for adults only to their new wearable bands that will function as a keycard, wallet, and boarding pass, Virgin Voyages certainly does everything differently.

The new stylish wristband has a small transponder on it that will interact with many functions on the ship. Guests will be able to:

  • Board the ship with a tap of their wrist
  • Use the band as a room key
  • Make onboard purchases
  • Enjoy the casino
  • Suite Sailors can also use the band as a VIP pass to Richard's Rooftop

Virgin Voyages wanted to make everything different about its cruises, so eliminating the room key and changing it to a multi-function wearable device only seemed natural. The cruise line stated that it also took the design and materials to the next level to show its commitment to the oceans in which it sails on.

The rope material is crafted from BIONIC yarn. This sustainable yarn is made from marine and coastal plastic that is removed from the ocean. The company that makes BIONIC yarn is helping to clean the beaches and protect marine life by eliminating plastic that has been improperly disposed of into the water. Each band contains about six grams of plastic, which is equivalent to 1/2 of a standard plastic water bottle washed ashore.

The bands will be mailed to all Virgin Voyages guests prior to their departure so that they can board the ship with ease. Virgin Voyages is also launching a new app that will work with the band and enhance the overall sailing experience for its customers.

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